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Role-based access control using Amazon Cognito and an external identity provider

Amazon Cognito simplifies the development process by helping you manage identities for your customer-facing applications. As your application grows, s [...]

SharpHose – Asynchronous Password Spraying Tool In C# For Windows Environments

SharpHose is a C# password spraying tool designed to be fast, safe, and usable over Cobalt Strike's execute-assembly. It provides a flexible w [...]

SharpAppLocker – C# Port Of The Get-AppLockerPolicy PS Cmdlet

C# port of the Get-AppLockerPolicy PS cmdlet _____ _ ___ _ _ / ___| | / _ \ | | | | \ `--.| |__ __ _ _ __ _ __ / /_\ \_ __ _ __ | | ___ ___| | [...]

ADCollector – A Lightweight Tool To Quickly Extract Valuable Information From The Active Directory Environment For Both Attacking And Defending

ADCollector is a lightweight tool that enumerates the Active Directory environment to identify possible attack vectors. It will give you a basic un [...]

Minimalistic-offensive-security-tools – A Repository Of Tools For Pentesting Of Restricted And Isolated Environments

Minimalistic SMB login bruteforcer (smblogin.ps1)A simple SMB login attack and password spraying tool.It takes a list of targets and credentials (u [...]

Authelia – The Single Sign-On Multi-Factor Portal For Web Apps

Authelia is an open-source authentication and authorization server providing 2-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for your applications v [...]

Jackdaw – Tool To Collect All Information In Your Domain And Show You Nice Graphs

Jackdaw is here to collect all information in your domain, store it in a SQL database and show you nice graphs on how your domain objects interact wi [...]
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