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APT41 actors charged for attacks on more than 100 victims globally

US Department of Justice announced indictments against 5 Chinese nationals alleged members of a state-sponsored hacking group known as APT41. The Unit [...]

China-linked hackers target government agencies by exploiting flaws in Citrix, Pulse, and F5 systems, and MS Exchange

CISA published an advisory on China-linked groups targeting government agencies by exploiting flaws in Microsoft Exchange, Citrix, Pulse, and F5 syste [...]

Lock and Code S1Ep15: Safely using Google Chrome Extensions with Pieter Arntz

This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs and around the Internet. In addition, we talk to Pieter [...]

Chinese, Iranian, and Russian APT groups target 2020 US election

Microsoft reveals that state-sponsored hackers had tried to breach email accounts belonging to people involved in the US election. Microsoft announced [...]

Evilnum APT used Python-based RAT PyVil in recent attacks

The Evilnum APT group has added a new weapon to its arsenal, it is a Python-based spy RAT, dubbed PyVil, designed to target FinTech organizations. The [...]

Iran-linked APT group Pioneer Kitten sells access to hacked networks

Iran-linked APT group Pioneer Kitten is now trying to monetize its efforts by selling access to some of the networks it has hacked to other hackers. I [...]

US DoJ wants the funds stored by North Korea in 280 BTC and ETH

US DoJ filed a civil forfeiture complaint to seize 280 Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) accounts containing funds allegedly stolen [...]

North Korea-linked APT group BeagleBoyz targets banks

North Korea-linked APT group BeagleBoyz intensified its operations since February, US CISA, Department of the Treasury, FBI, and USCYBERCOM warn. Acco [...]

Iran-linked Charming Kitten APT contacts targets via WhatsApp, LinkedIn

The Iran-linked Charming Kitten APT group leveraged on WhatsApp and LinkedIn to carry out phishing attacks, researchers warn. Clearsky security resear [...]

DeathStalker cyber-mercenary group targets the financial sector

A hack-for-hire group, tracked as DeathStalker, has been targeting organizations in the financial sector since 2012 Kaspersky researchers say. DeathSt [...]
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